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Gammonish features the most up-to-date and comprehensive free online backgammon guides written to help the player better understand every aspect of the backgammon game including the official rules and instructions on how to play, a full dictionary of backgammon terminology and some of the most useful backgammon strategies and tips used by champion players.

Backgammon is a board game that relies heavily on skill and practice. The game is in essence a race between two players with each player aiming to bring his own checkers into the home board and then to bear them off before the other player does. To play backgammon takes great skill and strategy such as the ability to block and hit your opponent's checkers in order to stump them and set them back in the game.

If you're totally new to the game then start by reading the backgammon rules carefully in order to understand how the game is played. The checkers are moved along the points according to rolls of the dice and the pip count. Strategy plays a big part in determining the outcome of the game and a winning advantage is often established within the first opening moves of the game. Each roll of the dice presents the player with numerous options for moving the checkers and making different defensive and offensive plays. The doubling cube, used in backgammon gambling to raise the stakes, is often used strategically to force the other player into resigning early.

Backgammon is a game with a long and rich history and we've included information about all the different variations of the game that exist. It has also gained a huge following on the Internet and backgammon online is played by thousands of players from all around the world via free backgammon software through quick and free backgammon download. Additional questions and information can be read in the backgammon forum. Be sure to bookmark Gammonish and check back for frequent updates.

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